Wednesday, January 2, 2008


I'd like to use this blog as a channel through which I can discuss my growing obsession for conspiracy theories (911, Christianity, Corn, and the like). But today I'm just warming up. Hell, I've barely left my bed to pee, so this is great. I leave for Australia on the 14th and Brittany is arriving on the ninth so I've really got to get my shit together. Shit=portfolio+packing+mental preparation. This is also a good way to avoid my depressive tendencies, which mostly consists of excessive bed lying. Not necessarily sleeping-in fact, minimal restorative sleep-just rolling, comforter flailing, horrid dreaming half-sleep. It's truly retched. These dreams last all night and follow the theme of instabiltiy. Whether I have just remembered the fifth class I added to my schedule only hours before my final papers are due for it; I am leaving the state and haven't gotten any of my affairs in order, let alone packed; I am being stalked by an annoying, persistent old flame, my boyfriend is sharing intimate details with everyone and informing them it's over before letting me know; or last night's chimera: My front tooth has finally fallen out. Now this is a delusion that pesters me more often than not. Anyway I really don't feel like getting into this whole carnie-faced nightmare although I know if I don't document it now, I'll lose the details until I have a similar shitty dream.

I need to start filling my daily bagel quota. But let's talk about corn soon.

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